Landscape Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning / Andover and surrounding areas

Andover has been Cherry Estates secondary branch since 2013. Based on the Hampshire / Wiltshire border we are able to advertise local jobs not only in Amesbury and Salisbury but Andover too.

Andover is a great place to train teams as we have so many contracts in one estate, so close to the motorway and the secondary branch growing its teams rapidly gives even more flexibility.

The landscaping team have maintained a very large estate area just off the A303 in Andover since 2010. With many developers throughout the estate, when it will be finished it will have 1,200 houses and a school. We also maintain numerous commercial cleaning contracts on this estate given to us as brand new. With new buildings to maintain, residents sometimes expect the buildings to remain looking brand new.

This can be challenging as walls normally need re-painting or re-plastering after damage caused by moving-in companies and often builders dust gets into the carpets and on windows.


We offer many solutions to this, not only do our cleaners visit on a regular basis, we also have carpet cleaning and window cleaning contracts with these buildings. Plus, our painting and decorating service is available at all times. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our hands on approach, giving service levels to be envied by our competitors.

Some of our cleaning and landscape maintenance contract properties

Communal cleaning & landscape maintenance at Picket Twenty, Andover
Landscape maintenance at Briars Croft, Andover
Landscape maintenance the Beeches, Andover
Landscape Maintenance at the Beeches, Andover

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