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We pride ourselves on an excellent team workmanship scheme which has been trialled and tested for over 10 years and constantly being adjusted to suit the needs of any particular contract. Our cleaning manager and sub-leaders are encouraged to discuss their experiences and put forward any suggestions to help improve time keeping skills, communication skills, logistically improve routes and above all, always trying to better our cleaning standards.
A team of multiple cleaners enables us to cover each cleaning task, dividing them fairly, which considerably cuts down time on site, helps to conserve energy and gives a wider approach to covering each area thoroughly and consistently.
This block of flats in the heart of Winchester in Hampshire, is a perfect example of teamwork creating incredible results. Our team is able to do a full clean of all communal areas on each visit which consists of checking, sweeping and bleaching the bin store area, sweeping of all leaves for both entrances, water the communal plants, hoovering and mopping, dusting and polishing, window cleaning and even spraying our lovely scented air fresheners before leaving.

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Our manager or sub-leaders are trained in excellent communication skills which have always been a huge factor to keeping sites not only clean but also safe. We implement the importance to report (with evidence) broken doors, windows, bin/bike stores, refuse blocking hallways or bin/bike stores. The misuse of communal areas is something we have no control over but we can make a big difference with reporting it and helping to maintain a clean, safe environment for all residents and visitors.

’We were on site today, I think we were following the cleaners around! I just wanted to say that the blocks were looking nice and clean.”

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