Estate & Grounds Maintenance – City Vizion, Newport

We are so proud to maintain the communal cleaning and landscape maintenance for one of our largest estates in Newport, Wales.

We have watched it grow for seven years and we are delighted to have now taken on the last remaining phase. It’s a real pleasure visiting this site weekly.

Our cleaning team are on site every week at City Vizion where we clean 20 blocks of flats.

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Not only do we clean the internal communal areas, we also keep the communal bin stores tidy and sanitary. It’s a real shame when communal areas are misused but we are always able to make any area pleasant again.

Landscape Maintenance

Whilst the cleaners visit on a weekly visit, the landscape gardeners visit this site 20 visits per annum, twice a month during summer months and once a month in winter months. During the spring and summer we like to smarten up the boarders with mulch and shrubs and during the winter months we focus on getting those dreaded leaves bagged and taken away from site.

We litter pick this site as often as we can with both cleaning and landscaping teams doubling up on this as it seems to be a real problem area for litter. The landscaping team normally weed spray as they’re going around with the litter picker and the cleaners normally check all the bin stores whilst litter picking. It seems to be a great system in multitasking and keep on top of the litter here.

Road and Pavement Repairs

We have carried out a few road and pavement repairs here as it’s an extremely busy estate where unfortunately from time to time things need repairing. We have often placed large stones along the boarders around the car parks as we find residents are sometimes in a hurry and frequently drive over the boarders damaging the mulch and flowers.

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